Rare Slated Solace.

RARE SLATED SOLACE.….That’s the place you may find yourself sometimes. How is it possible to find comfort and be criticized severely within yourself all at once? That’s easy. I believe that we all struggle with this at some point in our lives. It’s called “internal conflict”. It’s that inward battle within yourself that you have when you’re stuck between what/where you want to be and what/where you used to be. We all face that moment where change seems inevitable YET impossible all at the same time. It’s that moment where you get drunk off of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” steps/advises and all the Bishop T.D. Jakes’ messages possible, just so that you can maintain your drive for change! This is when you heavily digest so many positive quotes/sayings until you’ve reached the point of being “overfull”. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, that’s the process with real change. It’s inescapable. It’s painful. It’s lonely. It’s insecure. But rest assured, it’s a must!! 

After you’ve lived enough, you begin to realize that avoiding this painful process only leaves you empty. It leaves you stuck with a life that’s unfulfilled, unhappy, and not full of all the great things that “could be”. It’s not until you’ve reached a place of wanting change, where change can actually occur. So what changes must you make? What changes have you been conflicting with?  Is it really impossible or is it your fear that makes it appear that way? Because FEAR is just that; False Experiences Appearing Real! But they’re not real! So don’t allow your fears and all the excuses/justifications that you rehearse daily, keep you from taking the necessary risks and actions towards what you ultimately want. Understand that once you’ve made it past the hurdle, you’ll be set free to enjoy what”s atop that hill. It’s rare that people get over their fear and step into the place of the “unknown” or discomfort and actually stick it out until they’ve reached their end—GREATNESS. But those that do have been living proof that although things get hard, they do get better with God, time, tenacity, and sacrifice.

So let your doubts be rare. Let the slated thoughts of others/yourself push you forward. And let your journey and the experiences that produce your growth keep you in solace; solace that one day this will all be a testimony that will help to encourage someone else just starting out in their race. #Rare

Quote: “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” -Sir John Lubbock



via Photo Challenge: Rare


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