Angel in Disguise Remix [Poem]



Before YOU, I knew not what Love was.

As a little girl I often painted pictures of what I wanted my life to look like,

The way I wanted Love to be and look like,

And how I wanted to it all to play out when I came across my prince charming.

But who would’ve thought that I would have found something more,

Something greater,

Something so rare and divine.

For instead of my fantasized prince charming, God gave me YOU,

And for that I am truly grateful.

For He took the time out of His busy schedule to create something so remarkable,

What a blessing,

I’m so blessed!

Because even after so many years, eleven to be exact,

I still see you as nothing less than an Angel in disguise.

My Angel in disguise.

For even the world’s eyes could not be to see the magnitude of the love that I have for you,

And not even all the words that exist within the Earth’s hemisphere could really put into words how far this love has grown since the very first day.

Because this love that we share has surpassed the love that I once dreamt of,

For this love is as ravishing as the night’s sky filled with a thousand luminous tiny stars,

And this love is as untainted as a baby’s first smile and most sweetest laugh.

Because your soul’s decorative image,

And your eye’s luster are just as captivating as an artists fine work of art.

The heart you have given to me is by far as sacred as a poet’s utterance from their soul,

Because ever since that day when you entered my life,

YOU have shown me just how much love can be amazing,

Just how tall love can stand,

Just how miraculously love can heal,

Just how actual love can be.

And for those reasons, I truly believe that YOU are nothing less and so much more than “My Angel in Disguise”.


Written By: S. Graham-White






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