Groundlessly Subdued

“Don’t fall amongst thieves. If you do, they will destroy you.”

Life has a very interesting way of playing out. At times, things can appear to connect gracefully, creating such a great euphoria. While there are those dark moments that will make you question Life’s motives. Are we only here to suffer? Is suffering ALL there is? Will suffering ever end?

What is Suffering?

Suffering by definition is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. Not a very “Aha” moment, right? But why do we suffer? And why do some people just continue to suffer even though they hate the state of the suffering? Perhaps, because it is easier to just suffer than to try and overcome the suffering. Let me explain. I’ve lived a life that has not always been the easiest. Hell, it’s probably never been easy. Growing up, I’ve seen a lot of people suffer financially and never make it out of that. I’ve also seen many people suffer emotionally/mentally by either being the victim of abuse or the abuser themselves and still never make it out of that.

What next?

While one would think that you can just walk away from the abuse (any form of abuse rather) and just live a regular, joy-filled life–unfortunately, it isn’t ALWAYS just that easy. When you ever become free, you will go through moments of withdrawals. Those same negative voices or visuals will continue to haunt you daily until you become strong enough to overcome them. Then the guilt will set in and that won’t be so easily erased. And don’t be surprised when you become hated by those who once “loved” you but no longer do because of your want to be free.

But don’t remain subdued….

It is most certainly easier to remain in the struggle than to peek your head out and attempt to escape it. However, there does come a time when you have to understand that God ultimately has a plan for your life and that plan is BIGGER than just YOU. And in that plan, you will often face moments of being stuck between not being where you once were and not yet being where you want to be. But, it’s important to realize that success is a process. Suffering is just a state of being. And in order to be success, you must leave your state of being to join the journey and in turn you’ll be open to escaping life’s way of leaving you Groundlessly Subdued



via Daily Prompt: Subdued



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