Autumn & Little Mini Pumpkins.

Hey Ya’ll!

Happy Fall! I just LOVE Autumn’s simplistic medium between cold & hot weather. I love the fashion–All the leather coats. The transition from sandals to boots of all styles & heights. Leggings & sweaters. And of course, P U M P K I N!! 
And not just the grand introduction of pumpkin-everything! Not JUST pumpkin pies. Not JUST pumpkin lattes. Not JUST pumpkin frappacinos. Not JUST pumpkin breads or cheesecakes. But REAL tiny little itsy bitsy pumpkins! And this year is my little guy’s very first official Halloween & fall season where he’s able to truly enjoy the fun of pumpkins! So my Husband and I decided to spend our Sunday morning/afternoon carving little pumpkins! And oh, boy, was it fun!!! 

I felt like a child again!!!!!

And my little guy had the time of his life watching his daddy knive through each little pumpkin to create these funny little faces, while he and I gutted out all the seeds and the stringy little messy insides with our spoons. Wallah, mess and all, the new little pumpkins were born! Haha! 

Next up……Some good ole’ homemade pumpkin cheesecake!!

What are some of your favorite fall traditions? Please share below!




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