1 Boy. 1 Picture. 1 Kind of Love.

via Discover Challenge: Numbers

Parenthood is the toughest yet most rewarding thing you’ll ever experience. That euphoria that builds within when you see your little one grow-up and master certain milestones along the way. Oh, how sweet it is!

But despite the beautiful feeling that being a parent brings, lets be REAL……Parenthood is scary as heck! I mean, you have a little human-being (OR many little human-beings if you’ve done this more than once) that you not only created through conception and aided in their entrance into this world through birth (for all my Mamas), but now you have to nurture, teach, love, and provide for this little human-being too! And I don’t even think that it matters how many times you’ve been through this thing called parenting…..I can assume that it’s never the same. You’re as much of a student as you are a teacher.

But if you’re new to this like me, then you probably understand what I feel. Parenthood is very important. It’s the thing that allows a child to learn what it means to be loved, heard, accepted, understood, and a firsthand display of how to be once they become a “big person”. For some, this list means nothing or nothing much. But for others, parenthood is that pressure to be the best that you can so that the one receiving your parenting becomes the best they can.

What I can say however, is that parenting has changed my life. And not just in the obvious ways of no longer being able to go wherever I please–at any moment that I please, OR the financial responsibilities that are costly when providing for any child, OR the fact that I no longer get as much sleep, OR don’t have much of “ME time”, OR that you are required to sacrifice a few things so that your child gains so much more.

No, those aren’t the only things that I’ve learned in this journey. 

Parenthood offers a lot more! It’s so rewarding. It’s so conflicting with the idea of WHAT GREAT PARENTING IS. It’s so educational with the lessons that you learn along the way when dealing with your child’s tantrums or not so pleasant moments. It’s so uplifting when you see your child developing and excelling during specific milestones/learning curves. Yet it’s so AMAZING when you experience that kind of pure love that exists only between parent and child.


This little face brings such great joy to the start of my day, each and every morning. The ease and difficulties of parenthood is all worth seeing the happiness that exudes from your spirit. You’ve made me recognize myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses; all while helping me to discover that like you, I’m worth ONLY accepting the best kind of love and not simply the scraps that other’s selfishness permits them to give. You’ve made me aware of the fact that the world is big but never TOO BIG, where I’m not able to hold on to it long enough to show it just how much bigger I am! Your bravery and resilience has shown me that I too can wear those 2 qualities boldly and proudly, regardless of the bumps that come along the way in this thing called life. Oh, how I admire you and the things that you’ve taught me. Your little face has brought such peace to my soul. And each and every day, I see just how much God loved me enough to CAREFULLY create such a little human that loves me the way that you do. 

1 Boy. 1 Picture. 1 Kind of Love. 




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