Thanksgiving Day in a Nutshell!

Hi Ya’ll! 


This past week has been a crazy one! So much running around, preparation, and cooking for this big day! I’ve literally washed enough dishes for a years worth! Haha!

But I’m so thankful! I’m thankful for my little family, loved ones near & far, and most of all-God’s love! 💜 It’s been a pretty treacherous year, but I’m still standing, better than ever, gleaning towards life’s many opportunities, and not looking back! So regardless of where you may be in life, I just wanted to leave you with a little note:

“God’s love for you & favor will take you through your darkest moments and bring you to your greatest light! Stay thankful and know that He’s not through with you yet!”

Anyway, I wrote this post to share a few highlights of my crazy Night (yesterday) and Turkey Day! I made EVERYTHING from scratch, cut through turkey, whisked through gravy, handcrafted toppings, and so much more! Here it goes👇🏾

I heard that when you cut out the backbone of your turkey, it will chop the cook time in half and cook through more evenly!

A “Hello” from my turkey to Yours!

Cranberries for my cranberry & Apple sauce!

Dinner rolls all rised!! Yay!! It’s Oven time.

Turkey, buttermilk fried chicken, twice baked potato casserole (w/ bacon), dressing, sweet potato casserole, dinner rolls, roasted carrots, cranberry/Apple sauce, and turkey gravy! What a F E A S T!

Too much food to count!!

Sweet potato pie & vanilla ice cream!

Cheesecake with Cherry toppings, please!! 🍒

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Gobble Gobble!! 

Xx💜, S.



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