Honey, I’ve Fought.

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

(Defined) **VIGOR– active bodily or mental strength or force.

I fought the good fight.

I fought one of the greatest battles.

I fought to stay afloat.

I fought to remain above.

I fought within myself.

I fought the negative voices.

I fought the unfavorable feelings.

I fought to be different.

I fought to be better.

I fought to make change.

I fought to be change.

I fought for love.

I fought to love you.

I fought to be loved.

I fought to succeed.

I fought to not fail.

I fought to exhale.

I fought for your guidance.

I fought for your support.

I fought for you to notice.

I fought to shine; and shine bright like a diamond.

I fought the disappointments.

I fought to be victorious.

I fought to be an example.

I fought so that you could marvel at the evidence; the evidence that God is real.

I fought for this moment.

I fought for this time.

I fought to let go.

I fought to be new.

I fought to not be YOU.

I fought to finally see Life from a grander view.

I fought to have faith.

I fought to keep His grace.

I fought to be happy.

I fought to have joy.

I fought to sit in this space.

I fought to be ME.

I fought to finally be free.

I fought…..

Honey, I’ve fought with great vigor.

 “Never major on the Minor & minor on the Major”


Xx♥, S.



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