One, Two, Three! Combined Moments.

via Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!


There are some moments that come better together in THREES! They tell an amazing story and emit some of the most happiest feelings/memories you could ever imagine. These are my moments! Some were of great dessert recipes, drinks, special occasions, and others happened in just mere minutes of the camera’s capture. ENJOY!


Great tasting Tazo Iced Blushberry Black Tea Lemonade + Ginger Ale! **See blog post for more deets!**


Getting ready for a stroll on this cold winter-like Fall day! Buuurrr!!


Yum! Yum! Apple Dutch Pie for the sweet tooth!


My little helper, not really helping at all! Haha!


Highlight of the summer……Wedding Bells Ring!!


Birthday Party fun!! Outside with nature & the sun!! 


Oh Yes, BlackBean Burgers + Onion Rings on the brain!!


Can I have some FUN + a container of Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Please?! 


THANKS FOR READING!! One, Two, Three, Go!!

Xx♥, S.


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