Little Reindeers & Stripes

Hi Ya’ll!

How do you do? So I’ve been supper busy this past week with work hours, the Little one, & trying to get things in order for the holidays, that I haven’t had much time to write some amazing posts! I truly apologize to all of my readers! I’m gearing up for some really great material COMING SOON!

Anyway, it’s been so crazy in all the stores and trying to find a Christmas tree! Mostly sold out?!? Who wants a 2-foot tree (which is ALL that’s left OR some humongous 8 foot trees)! Haha! 🎄How insane!! Nevertheless, I’m having to order online and wait on shipping….Bummer! But my home decor is definitely a post that will be up in the next few days in reverence for the Holidays! Also, I’m seeing so many fellow bloggers who have been baking for the Christmas countdown. Some pretty awesome recipes!! You’ve definitely got me inspired! Haha!

Whelp, I just wanted to say Hi guys! I definitely haven’t neglected my blog! Just juggling a few things & prepping for some new material! Keep your eyes peeled! Happy Wednesday!

And to sign the night off, please enjoy my pic below of these really cute reindeer slippers that I found for my little guy today at Target!! 🎯

Nighty Night! 🌙

Xx♥, S.



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