Christmas Decor + Lemon-Raspberry Cupcakes.

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday!



I hope that everyone had a very productive day & week so far! I’ve been super busy with work, home, and everything else in between, so I haven’t had a real chance to get much blogging done or put up any decorations. However, I took a bit of time yesterday and today FINALLY getting the tree up and started on a bit of the decor, all around the house! I’m feeling really festive! Haha! 

PLUS it’s so cold in NYC (like 20 degrees as the high), so it’s REALLY beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas! 

Anyway, today, I finished up the tree, put up a few more lights, and did a bit of baking to top it all off! I just love that I got a white tree this year instead. I thought that it would be harder to decorate and have everything marry well together, but it worked! It actually worked much better than I thought! Besides, I was going for a “Winter Wonderland” feel, so the blues, silvers, whites, and golds, with a hint of red, came together greatly! Whelp, that’s decorating for you! However,there’s definitely much more to be been between now and Christmas and I’m sure that by the time I’m complete, my apartment will look like a Retail store’s Christmas aisle! Haha! 

Anyway, I’m just so thankful for ending the year with such great love from my 2 favorite guys, few family members (near + far), and great people! I know that sometimes we think that things could be SO much better (And yes, they could), But I’ve come to understand that things could be SO much worst too! Counting my blessings! 2016 has definitely been a year of lessons and I know that this journey has molded me into something much more amazing for the year 2017! On another note, I’m truly humbled to have dived so deep into blogging (while seeing the growth) and I’m extremely excited to do so much more! So many things to be thankful for, yet, so many things to look forward to as well!

Well, before I begin wrapping up this post, I’ve decided to put together a few photos (below) to show you my progress leading up to Christmas! I’ve truly enjoyed seeing so many great posts about everyone else’s festivities so far, therefore, I’ve chosen to join the fun! They always say, it’s never too late. So let’s get ready to R U M B L E!

I hope that you enjoy! Happy Holidays!

So Bare, before I had fun decorating!

To: Kam, From: Santa North Pole

Golden glittery ornaments make their entrance!

I see gold things, I see blue things, I see white things, and I see new things!! Winter Wonderland!

Star light, star bright……

Little feet and stringy lights. Oh and socks and a blanket too! 

Raspberry glaze……

Lemon cupcake + Raspberry glaze!

It is said that water is good for you….Fiji + a bit of lemon, please!


What will you be doing leading up to Christmas?? 

Let me know down below ↓

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing everyone! Goodnight!


Xx♥, S.



      1. Jo Smith

        Well, it was cut down, and we assembled it to hang over a water pot, so it lasts longer. When we first got it, it smelled very much like pine. The white one is easier assemble in my opinion. I wanted to have the white one this year, but everyone else wanted an actual one. Hope this helped!

        Liked by 1 person

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