End of Year Craze! 

Daily Post Prompt: Enthusiasm

So it’s officially Winter ❄️ & the year 2016 is finally coming to an end in exactly 10 days! How exciting?!? It’s the beginning of all the New Year resolutions, celebratory moments, & fresh starts! Yet, for some, it’s the continuation of the mundane. Simple thoughts. Tiny views. Low expectations. 

Where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the hope? Where’s the gratitude for what is & the anticipation for what will be? Nothing is more daunting than losing one’s own source of happiness! Happiness does not come from things or other people; it manifests from within. So learn to view the tiny blessings that surround you, so that you are able to see the many miracles that unfold daily. Enter the New Year with enthusiasm, for your tomorrows can be greater than you yesterday’s, if you only allow it to first formulate as an option in your mind! 

Stay the course. Just keep going. Move into 2017 slowly. Keep your pace. And before you know it, Enthusiasm will be awaiting your arrival and greeting you as you enter its opened door.

Xx💜, S. 




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