Vision Board? Creativity time! 

Happy 1st Monday of the Year Guys!! 

On this rainy day in NYC, I’ve decided to get cracking on re-creating a fresh new vision board for 2017! I actually came across another blogger over a year ago who did vision boards and I thought that it would be an amazing idea to try! Lo & behold, I LOVE it! Besides, who doesn’t want to do a bit of crafting, DIY, and cutting up a whole lot of paper like a child? Haha!! ✂️

The freedom of creativity at its finest! Anyway, this year’s vision board serves a common theme: The voyage of Discovery! I’m making it a year to do all the things that I’ve been prepping for & regaining my focus on the more important things! It’s a year of change, and some of those changes will cost me “the crowd” but hey, that’s ok! It just makes more room for the people that will see the gift I hold!

So I’ve decided to share a bit of my previous vision board from last year and my completed 2017 board! I do Hope that you enjoy & become inspired! ✨

📌 2017 Vision board completed!

Previous 2016 Vision board.

Now just note that a vision board is whatever you make it! You can compile several goals that you truly want to see come to life such as trying more makeup, being a natural, making more money, getting fit, starting a family, being more confident, writing more, going after your dream, starting a business…whatever you choose! And just find the pictures from a magazine, online printout, newspaper, book, etc, that ultimately reflects that! Wallah, you have your very own vision board!

Have you ever tried making a vision board? If so, is it something you’ll do again this year? Let me know down in the comments below 👇🏾
Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, & sharing! 

Xx♥, S.

“Lose yourself to find yourself. It is when we are furthest from home that we most become ourselves. This is when we discover new things, grow, share, and unite with others.”



  1. Michelle Malone

    Love it! I did one last year and only looked at it once. It was etched in my mind, however. This year, I’m taking the old school approach with magazine pics and getting together with a group of friends. I’ve already outlined the things I plan to work on in the new year; now I need a visual reminder to place in my office (creative space). Love your blog, sis!

    Liked by 2 people

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