Sweet & Chili Baked Chicken.

Happy Tasteful Tuesday Everyone! Yes, I made this up on a whim! Haha! Anyway, last night, I decided to make a whole chicken to pair it with any leftover Mac & Cheese from Sunday!

Yummy! So, I did freelance on the flavors and used Thai sweet & chili sauce and seasoned it well with fresh herbs! A little bit of thyme, basil, sea salt, parsley, with a few slices of tomato, onion, and chopped kale (to stuff it) and Wallah! My very own Sweet & Chili baked chicken! Easy meal for a Monday night!

Used chicken stock instead of water to base the baking dish to add a bit of flavor!

Stuffed and ready to go!

Bon Appetite!

Until next time guys!! Have a great Tuesday!!

By the way, what did you eat for dinner/supper Monday night? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏾

Xx♥, S.



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