Deconstructed Burrito Recipe.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! 

Yesterday I was feeling for a bit of a Mexican-inspired dish and I decided to make a ‘deconstructed burrito’. Brown & Red rice with kale, tomato, black/red kidney beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and a slab of guacamole. Y U M M Y! Was it GOOD! Oh, and let’s not forget my topping of tortilla chips for that added crunch.

Along with the bit of snow that we had in NYC last night and a tall glass of Blush-berry Lemonade, I do believe that last night’s dinner was rather enjoyable!

I’ve included some pictures below so that you walk through my journey with me on my process of this lovely and easy to make dish!


A pinch of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt to add to the Guacamole.

Well seasoned black and red kidney beans that I boiled for just a little over an hour.Oh, how soft & tender they are! Remember to soak them overnight for the best cooking process.

All stacked and ready to go!

Sliced & diced to top the dish.

Wallah! Burrito DECONSTRUCTED!

Thanks so much for Reading, Liking, Sharing, & Commenting Guys! 

Have a warm weekend until next time!

Xx♥, S.



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