Snow-full Weekend!


Today is SUPER cold in NYC & now that the snow has stopped, My husband and I decided to bring our little guy out to enjoy a bit of the “white stuff”. Unfortunately, that lasted about 5-10 minutes before he began to give us that look that says, “Why in the heck am I out here in 19 degree weather?” Haha! 

Nevertheless, he did enjoy those 5-10 minutes though! Most of it was spent staring and smiling as his father aimlessly put snow on his gloves and in his own hands to gesture that “It was OK”. 

The rest of the time was spent trying to breathe through the chilling wind and photographs that I couldn’t help but take in the process.

All in All, it was a nice few minutes getting him acquainted with his first real “snow moment”. HOORAY!!

Slight smile for the camera! Can you peep the Father + Son matching boots? They love dressing alike! Haha!

ALL geared up & ready to GO!!

Yesterday’s snowfall madness…

Views from the top.

How is your Sunday going thus far? 

Any plans? Is it cold? Let me know in the comments down below ↓


Xx♥, S.



  1. gm1123

    He is precious!! It is chilly here, but nothing near the cold y’all have in New York. I am slightly jealous. We rarely get any kind of snow (south Louisiana). Enjoy the weather (safely from the inside of your home with a fireplace, perhaps?)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OrchidsAndSweetTea

      Hi Olivia! Thanks so much! It’s truly awesome to hear that his fashion is loved by a fashionista herself! 😊 Aww, well 20 minutes of snow is what we’ve had for the past few weeks until yesterday so maybe you’ll get a good amount soon enough!

      Liked by 1 person

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