Makeup Vanity Inspo.

1cc6906db492e43b2fa0931d979023e5Lately, I’ve been creating my board on Pinterest with ideas for my make-up vanity (my next project), which I’ve procrastinated with for some time. I’ve found so many inspiring photos on Pinterest that I find to be pretty amazing! A little bit of this & a little bit of that from several stores would definitely bring my vision to life! Happily, I was able to find this very table (as shown in the photo to the right) at Ikea, along with the high shelving that’s included. Both items will definitely be the basis of my vanity, while everything else will be randomly chosen based on what meets the eye.

For the little items (which by the way, create the biggest effect of the entire ensemble), I plan to go to Target, find a bit online, and Home Goods (which is one of my favorite places along with Target because you can most certainly find a lot of “diamonds in the ruff” type household items, which adds a sort of uniqueness). Anyway, I’ve already started to plan my “DIY moment” and hope to have the big reveal in the next few weeks or so.

0992846e56ce1754ff5dd22b02eff2bfI have not decided on whether I’ll be buying an already manufactured chair or simply if I’ll be rolling up my own sleeves and creating something NEW altogether. But I do love the simplicity of this chair (to the left). Plus, I just LOVE the whole fur look and Gold is my absolute favorite accent color! To die for!










58fded4574d07ffe6e188ee356534ae8Then there’s the smaller accents, like the organizing inserts (OR dividers) for the drawers and the accent dividers for your display. Like in this photo, I’m a HOARDER of nail polish (Mostly Essie and a few OPIs) so this little thing just won’t do! Haha! No worries though, because I already have a nice display on my wall (by using mounting shelves) for my nail polishes and just might use the tall shelving system as the continuation of my remaining polishes that don’t fit. It’s like NAIL POLISH HEAVEN!!



I saw this idea and thought, “Genius!”. I’m a huge fan of mason jars and have personally used them for EVERYTHING! So using them as a unique way to store and organize my make-up and other accessories would be an awesome idea! Like the ones shown above, you can either get uniquely painted ones form Etsy or just buy plain ones and DIY (Do It Yourself). I, however, may just purchase a few from Etsy, because I can see spray painting and/or painting these as a DISASTER with my little toddler around! Haha!


970376fb04ad7b1ee92759b1e5c3264fLastly, I’m still a bit undecided on the lighting that I’ll be choosing! I notice that a lot of the more modern vanities include the lighting around the mirrors and some even are attached. I did do a bit of googling and was able to find the official mirrors that most entertainment dressing rooms use, however, the price was a bit hefty (somewhere near $500 + I think) and I decided that I wasn’t going to spend that much money on just a mirror, especially when I could DIY something similar, if not better! To my luck, I did find a few retailers that sell the light fixtures that I could buy separately and just line it up alongside the mirror as shown in the above picture. However, I hate to follow “trends” for the most part, so I’ll be doing something a bit different, which probably won’t even include the lighting in this fashion! But hey, it’ll be something amazing nevertheless!

All in all, I’m truly excited to finally be giving my vanity a much needed “face lift”. I remember first discovering a make-up vanity and dying to have one of those, as a way to use as a space for me to just be “ME”. Now, I’m excited to create a brand new space that is far beyond just a place that I neatly place my growing make-up collection and jewelry/accessories; I’m excited to make my own “mini-Woman “corner””that reflects my grander taste! Haha! Be sure to stay tuned for my progress and big reveal!

Thanks for reading Guys. Until next time.

By the way, do you have a make-up vanity? Or have you ever thought about having one? If so OR if not, let me know in the comments below

Xx♥, S.


**You can find more photos on my Pinterest page:  Fab Vanity Ideas Board



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