It’s the little things. I find that there’s always one or two things that you can draw from a picture where you feel passionate about using that thing, along with other tad bits of things (that you like from another sources) to create your own uniqueness. That’s what these photos from my Pinterest represent. I’ve always said that my dream job is to be an Interior Designer, because my level of passion for design and decor is by far astronomical. I eat, sleep, and dream it on most days. Often times, I design my own apartment (by refreshing or re-decorating it entirely) OR my family & friend’s homes when needed. It’s so “Freeing” for me!

But hey, who knows! Maybe I’ll do that one day. But for today, I’ll just share a few clips from some of my faves from my Pinterest board to bring some inspiration and pop of luxury to your Thursday! Haha! 


Which is your favorite? Do you like designing and/or decorating? Do you have any crazy hobbies that most people don’t know about it? Let me know in the comments down below↓

Xx♥, S.

For More: Visit my Pinterest board→



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