New Interior Design App Fun!

Good Morning Everyone! 


Lately, I’ve been exercising my Interior Decorating skills on this new app that I found in the Apple store called “Design Home”. It’s based on daily challenges and requirements for decorating a specific type of home and it’s a really great app! As most of you already know, I LOVE interior Design, so you know that I’ll be addicted to this app from now on!! Haha!

Plus, you get awarded with money, keys, and trophies, as well as stars. And your design work is rated by the app’s team board after each assignment, which affects how much you are awarded and what level you end up being on. It’s super COOL! Anyway, I just decided to begin today with a few screenshots of what I’ve done so far! Let me know what you think in the comments below ↓


Thanks for reading, liking, sharing, and commenting Guys!

Xx♥, S. 



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