Good Morning Ya’ll! This blogger deserved a #repost because I think that everyone has questioned “purpose” and “life’s plan” at least once. GREAT READ!!

Buzz In The Snow

Most times when things don’t go the way we hoped they would,we tend to feel bad,yell and weep a lot.Sometimes,we go as far as trying to severe every connection we have with God.We keep asking this one question in absolute frustration;

Why me?

Oh God,why me?

We pay so much attention to the pain and anger we feel, so much that we fail to realize the plans ahead. In order to be able to look ahead into these plans,we need to have an open mind to;

1) An unfavorable possibility

2) Everything happens for a reason

3) Every disappointment is a blessing

4) What is yours will never pass you by
When you set your mind on the possibility that your situation could have been worse and that infact, perhaps if the incident hadn’t occurred, something even more painful or dreadful could have taken place in its stead, then you’ll…

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