TeePees & Fun Little Things.

Hi Ya’ll!


I’ve been doing a bit of research when it comes to finding the perfect toys/activity stuff for my toddler (who is rather picky by the way) and it’s been a bit of a journey! I do believe that parenthood is a learning curve, where you spend the most time first learning about your child’s likes/dislikes as well as your own! Haha! I’ve searched through many sites, especially Toys’R Us. I mean Toys ‘R Us is the “King Pin” of kids toys, right? Whelp, my little guy has gone through many balls, robot toys, cars, trucks, pull-toys, animated toys, sing-a longs, teach-along toys, you name it! However, after a few “Tries”, he’s on to the next.

Well, I suppose that is the life of a boy toddler and ANY child, right? So now, I finally found a new version of “fun” (as I try to expand his imagination and play) and I came across the idea of a TeePee. I’ve seen these from a few other bloggers and I was struck by my Love for it! You can usually find them on many online sites, especially specialty type stores, but I was lucky to find it on Target.com as well. Now, those of you who have been following my blog, know that one of my favorite stores of all time is Target, especially their online store. So I was able to find this on their site and I should let you know that they aren’t that cheap. The price range can easily climb up to over $100. Yes, I know! But, I found this one on target for about $70 (on sale) and I must say that the size/quality is impeccable! It’s definitely worth the price!

Upon opening the TeePee was actually a shock because my Husband nor I did not expect it to be that huge! It definitely looks smaller online. Nevertheless, I am happy and so is my little guy! I can see this being a real new play place for him. At first, he was a bit hesitant to go inside, But after I went in and so did his Dad, I noticed that he began to warm up to it very well and now goes in on his own!


So, now that my little guy is turning 2 soon, I’m looking into getting him into music/dance classes (He LOVES music!) and I’ve recently purchased a basketball hoop (a Toddler play version of course), Play-do, and a few other toys and books. It’s definitely my goal to expand his horizon on toys & play, especially since I do notice that he’s VERY adventurous and into “task-like” activities! It’s funny, because I recently got him a broom, dust pan, and vacuum set (which he LOVE by the way). Haha! That’s how much he loves to be a little Helper! I think that this is one of the best parts of parenthood. Watching your child learn and master tasks is so rewarding! On the other hand, dealing with the emotions and messiness, etc. is a WHOLE OTHER BALL GAME! Haha!

So I took a few pictures of his new TeePee so that you can see how COOL it is! I may be more of a big kid at this point than he is! Haha!

I placed his ABC Mat inside to make it more comfortable to sit versus sitting on the floor. I’ll eventually get a nice plush rug or something to replace it soon!

Do you see his head? That’s him running towards it! Haha!

Well, there you have it guys!

By the way, have you had anything like this for your child or child you know? Was there another “thing” that you bought them that you most certainly did not have as a child?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for Reading, Liking, Sharing, & Commenting!

Xx♥, S.



    1. OrchidsAndSweetTea

      Yes, it is total fun! My little guy has legos also and he LOVES them as well! I think especially since he gets to dump them all out and stack them up to their highest point! Haha! I could imagine the fun you had with raising your kids! Thanks so much for reading! 🙂


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