First Beef Burger Encounter.

Hi Ya’ll!

So I had to write a quick post about my very FIRST.…..

Wait for it……………


I know. I’m so late, right? It’s funny because I’ve been avoiding beef burgers out of fear that it may not taste good OR be cooked correctly. I’m the girl who runs to a chicken burger OR a turkey burger (just to have the closest thing to a regular one). Haha!

But today, I took that leap of faith at one of my favorite go-to restaurants, Island Burger, and I must say—it was DELICIOUS! Of course, I asked for well done, BUT their well done is NICELY done! Not dry and definitely does not lack in flavor! I added bacon (because after all, I am Southerner at heart), onions (because I LOVE onions), tomato, lettuce, and pineapple (for that bit of sweetness). And to top it all off, it was all drenched in their special Garlic and Tamarind sauces, which added an even better burst of flavor (a mix of mellow garlic and sweet tangy)! WOW is the best word to describe! Plus, my side of sweet potato fries. That’s a real component to a Food-lover’s dream! Haha!

10 thumbs up! 

My very first Beef Burger encounter was a SUCCESS and a great stepping stone to many more…..

What are your thoughts?

Have you had a Beef Burger? If not, would you ever try it?

Thanks so much for reading, liking, sharing, and commenting!


Xx♥, S.




    We went to Firebirds restaurant chain (which we don’t do chains much at all) this week and they have great burgers but, I ordered wood grilled salmon without the butter. Your pix make me want a burger! I’ll be putting a recipe on my blog soon.

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