Should Marriage Be A Goal?

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Should Marriage be a GOAL?  Do you still think that Marriage is important?

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There have been numerous articles, books and debates about whether all romantic relationships should lead to marriage. Each induvial looks at marriage and relationships differently depending on socioeconomic background, religion or instilled importance of marriage from their family. While in some cases especially since the turn of the 21st Century some prefer commitment in a […]

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  1. amixedbag

    Never really been a goal for me, but what I’ve discovered is that even though I lived together with my hubby for years before we were married, something changed after we signed the papers. Maybe it’s the feeling that we’re actually responsible to each other? Or because the people around us starting asking us about having kids?

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    1. OrchidsAndSweetTea

      Thanks so much for your response! I can totally understand. Unfortunately, sometimes the official commitment scares people and puts an added pressure which causes things to easily seep in. I’m so sorry to hear that this has been the case with your situation. Don’t be discouraged. I strongly believe that communication is the key to any relationship remaining strong in the midst of adversity. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

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