Springtime + Nail Polish Inspo!



Now that we’ve finally crossed the threshold of Spring (although the weather here in NYC does not reflect this at all), it’s definitely time for those pops of color to make their way unto our fingers. But not too bright of course! Let’s save those BOLD, BRIGHT colors for the Summer days + loads of Fun in the Sun.

And If you’re anything like me, you may love the simple/minimalistic route to nail colors (your neutrals whites, light pinks, etc.), however, there are great colors that still can fit your simple style, but add that bit of “flavor” to your wardrobe, much like the way spice adds an extra inch of goodness to your tastebuds (if you’re a spice lover that is, anyway!).


So I’ve put together a few of my staple colors and as you can see from the pictures throughout my post, they are MOSTLY from the Essie brand! I just LOVE love this brand! Most of the colors go on rather smoothly, last a long time in between Nail salon visits, and don’t you just love the name of each color? Haha. So chic! And Yes, they do retail at $8 a bottle, But it’s worth it in my opinion. I’m just saying.

Anyway, I have not stocked up on my collection in a few months, just because I’ve been testing out Gel nail colors on and off for some time, But I’m sure that Essie has since created new amazing colors for this season and upcoming seasons. Personally, I would recommend checking out their website OR any YouTubers who talk more about nail colors.

In the meantime, I’ve captured a few quick pictures from my Vanity of my favorites (including their names) so that you can review it for yourself and try them on your next “paint job” at the salon. As I’ve stated before, the following colors are my GO-TO’s just because I am a girl who likes to keep things simple, but Accessorize with a bit of “sparkle” here and there. And in Sparkle, I mean literal bling or a Pop of something FAB, of course!.


↑Left to Right: Blanc, Marshmallow, Instant Hot, Urban Jungle, OPI’s “My Vampire is Buff”, Brooch the Subject.


Up close & Personal!

↑Left to Right: Neo Whimsical, Topless & Barefoot, Perennial Chic

↑Right to Left (Back row): Fiji, No Baggage Please, Tart Deco


↑Left: Borrowed & Blue

↑Right: Absolutely Shore


So there you have it. Great colors that still allows you to feel simply & polished, while giving you a Classy pop of color. My ultimate favorites and I am so excited to begin this Spring with a bit of edge to my nails. Less is more for me, but for others, More is better! Either way, Essie has a TON of colors to choose from, so go ahead and grab you a nice slice of cake and get to shopping! Haha.

Happy Mani Monday Ya’ll!

As usual, thanks so much for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing.

•For more great dessert recipes that I’ve gathered, check out my Pinterest page: Click Here!

Xx♥, S.


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