To: My Beloved

Dear Beloved,

I am writing you this open letter to encourage you today. They don’t see what I see. They’ve missed the very [diamond] that I’ve allowed the pressure to make you out to be. While life’s [dirt] has covered you and it appeared at times that you’ve lost your shine, just know that your glory is still somewhere underneath all of the “residue” that you’ve been left to wear. Your true beauty is still somewhere beneath the ashes. And yes, this world has forced you to believe that true beauty is based on what is painted on the outside; by how well your make-up sits on your face; by how perfectly sculpted your body is in your clothes; by the way your hair is intentionally precision-ed to appear “real” even when it’s evidently not. By the name brand watches that must appear on your wrists. By the number of sneakers you should have in order to equate to the amount of money that you possess. Or maybe it’s the world’s way of convincing you that you must be unapologetically bold, fierce, “more than”, statistically relevant, or vocally unfiltered. But My beloved, you can be none of those things and still be BEAUTIFUL.


They’ve said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and I am the one who’s beheld your beauty. For My word says that “I’ve formed you with clay from my own hands, in the image of Myself and I am ONLY full of Greatness. So what does that make you? I knew you before you were even conceived in your mother’s womb.” I understand you. I’ve instilled in you all that is required for your greatness. Therefore, allowing the cares of this world to taint the very thing that I’ve magnified in you is not a part of my plan. I’ve given you love, unconditionally a matter of fact. I’ve given you confidence (For I have not given you a spirit of fear). I’ve given you intelligence. I’ve given you a heart; a heart that should give freely, even when it’s bruised; for I am a healer when needed. A heart that, without judgments, I’ve required to love freely, despite the hurt and barriers that life has created around it with time. But the first kind of love starts with YOU, Beloved. You must first love YOURSELF before you can love others as I’ve commanded.

Self-love is something that I’ve given you, but Life’s circumstances have somehow taken it away. Life’s cruelty has forced you to see yourself unworthy; It’s made you feel that you’re not good enough, incomplete, and unlovable. BUT you are none of these things! I’ve only allowed life to break you enough so that you would come to Me, [the One who created you]. I’ve used your past experiences to break you enough so that, they too, could see that I can not only take the very sand and create life, but use your broken pieces and build something greater than they’ve ever seen. Don’t let yourself drown in your doubts. Do not be discouraged. “For I AM God and there is none beside Me. I reign over the just and the unjust.” And there is nothing that you’ve been through or are going through that has taken Me by surprise. I am still with you. I have always been with you. I am still in control. My Beloved, don’t mistake my silence for my absence. For you move BY TIME, BUT I MOVE BY YOUR FAITH IN ME; that is why I require that you trust me; It’s the only way I can move on your behalf. And because My love is so unconditional, I ONLY ask that you have faith as TINY as a Mustard’s seed (one that the naked eye cannot see). I’ve made it so that it is attainable for you because I truly want to bless you. 

And remember that I am not looking at your outward deeds for recognition that you follow Me or love Me. I care more about your heart. For I AM a GOD OF LOVE. And LOVE is the foundation of ALL things. It is My love for you that I see your faults and look pass them to meet your need. Beloved, YOU are My child. And everything about you is WORTH IT! All that you’re trying to do or hope to accomplish, know that I see your efforts. Know that you CAN do all things through my strength that strengthens you. You just have to believe!

Don’t allow life’s struggle to keep you bound by your own fears. For although faith and fear WILL always co-exist, you must ALWAYS allow faith to win. For what you believe you become; and I’ve only intended for you to be GREAT. I’ve made NO mistakes when creating you, despite what they’ve told you or may imply. I envisioned you beforehand and saw the beauty in you before the world got a chance to see it or do it’s best to diminish it. Understand that I am with you. Know that I love you–even the REAL you that the world hasn’t stopped spinning long enough to see. And that is why I wrote you this open letter. So that you truly understand that when your mother and father forsakes you or others turn against you, know that I am always here with you, My Beloved.

Yours Truly




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