Life’s Silver Lining.

I’ve often heard so many negative things about life that made the saying, “Things will get better soon”…seem questionable. When we struggle, we often forget about the possibilities of change, the hopes of today, and the maybes of tomorrow. Instead, our struggle speaks to us obnoxiously loud, leaving us deaf to anything or anyone else for that matter. It often looks big enough that it becomes hard to look behind it and see that better does exist further along the path.

But there must come a time when we must look over our struggle’s shoulder and see what can be instead of what is. Nothing is immutable; not even good things such as success. In life, we can have success one day and struggle another. Vice versa. Therefore, it’s important to look at every moment with opportunity. Look at it as an opportunity to gain more, to lose the things that should be loss, to grow, to be stretch to capacity, to be an example, and to change the world, one moment at a time.


Like some of you, I’ve gone through my seasons of struggle as I’ve shared previously. BUT they were just that–SEASONS. Note however, that some seasons may be longer than others, but ultimately in the end, it changes!

Much like how Fall becomes Winter and then Winter becomes Spring.

What I’ve learned nevertheless, is that in those pruning moments there are lessons to be had; lessons to learn carefully. So, you may be wondering, what am I suppose to learn from my struggle? Good question! Maybe the answer lies in the strength you are suppose to gain after it’s all said and done. Maybe it’s the lesson of learning to let go when needed and not always try to be in control. Maybe it’s even learning how to love (yourself or someone else) after a heartbreak or loss. The lessons are always answered in the process. You just have to look close enough to see them. Because struggles are not meant to kill you. Just like workouts are not meant to overwork you, although it may feel like that in the beginning; but eventually your body conditions itself to the pace and hard work and it begins to reap the benefits slowly. It’s just about gaining more and more stamina from it and finally building enough to weaken the impact and strengthen the results.

So I say this to say, that Life can never get too bad that it becomes not worth living. Regardless of the weights that you may have to carry on your back, shoulder, head, or sides; and yes, I understand that some weights are EXTREMELY heavy. However, we were built to survive this called Life. Rather, not just to survive, but thrive at it!

So if you’re worrying about how you’re going to do THIS (whatever THIS may be for you), just understand that it’s possible! The GREATER are no more than you & the LESSER are no less than you. Meaning–everyone has the ability to be more or less. It’s a choice. It’s our choice. And while there are some stumbling blocks along the way, ultimately, nothing or no one can keep you stuck BUT YOU! I’ve learned along the way to never give the power to anyone else, not even to those that hurt you along your journey, because the moment that you allow yourself to blame others for what you feel you should’ve/could’ve been, then you end up not living for you but for them and the place they once existed in.

So shake it off & move on! Leave behind your past and if that means leaving behind a few people as well, then go right ahead! As in the Beauty & the Beast, Be My Guest! Haha. This is the time that you must live for YOU; do things your way and on your own terms, regardless of what anyone says or thinks. It’s time to run after your successes (whatever that looks like for you) and leave behind your fears. It’s time for you to love and be loved, so that your life has real meaning. It’s time to release your anger towards the things and people that couldn’t see your value, so that you make enough room for the people that do. It’s time to see life more clearly, so that you’re able to understand that nothing lasts forever BUT also, everything remains ( the understanding of Collateral Beauty to get this!). And it’s in that understanding that you’re able to see the beauty in all things, even the most ugliest things you’ve had to come in contact with.


For with clarity comes understanding; with understanding comes wisdom; with wisdom comes truth.

Unfortunately, some of us never gain the first half to even journey through to truth, BUT I hope that you can. From there, we can understand someone else’s imperfections as well as a not so comfortable situation/circumstance and truly see that every cloud has a silver lining in Life, much like people do.

 One day, in retrospect, the days of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful. ♥


Xx♥, S.



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