Old Vs. New

Dear Old You,

Loving yourself is far more important than pleasing others. It seems that their displeasure (or fear of them being displeased) has crippled you and caused you to remain in a four cornered box, resulting in your shadow being greater than your physical being. For far too long, you’ve allowed your faith in them being happy based on your actions and heartfelt words, to stifle your own self-love and views of yourself. As a result, your own words and thoughts has painfully pierced through the best parts of you with no remorse. And with that, you’ve taken the disrespect and low-blows as a way to spare them while sacrificing your own livelihood.

But I’m here to tell you that sometimes you have to love yourself more and love them a little bit less in order to save yourself and your future.♥

I, your present, depend on it. Self-sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice. And the ultimate sacrifice does not ensure love from those watching. If they haven’t loved you for the person you were, they won’t ever love you for the person you’re becoming. But it’s OK. You won’t die. You won’t wither away from loneliness. You won’t even comatose from your pain. Instead, you’ll feel the sting from this moment of truth and still find the strength to move forward. All it takes is your willingness to step forward.

And soon enough, you’ll realize that after putting one foot in front of the other for some time, you’ve journeyed farther and wider than you could have ever imagined.

Just know that all your fears, hurts, and disappointments, aren’t going to matter once you’ve met your future. The blessings ahead, love to be found, joy to be felt, and relationships to be gained, will all be enough to not only keep you, but comfort your wounds. You’ll realize that Life’s darkest and most uncomfortable moments were the open doors that you needed to access in order to bring forth your wisdom, tenacity, and fight that’s needed to keep the good things (to come) in place. You just need to trust it all, the good and bad; It’s all working together.

And if you find yourself misunderstood along the way, just remember that even the most genius and greatest people in history weren’t understood right away. Sometimes it took their entire story to fully understand their purpose. Sometimes it took seeing how far they’ve come to truly understand how greatly they’ve made it. So don’t worry. They’ll get it soon enough. They’ll get you. But until then, just make sure that YOU get it. Keep believing in yourself and your ability to hold together the things that life has required you to piece together. There’s nothing that can’t be learned, imitated, or practiced, until it becomes what you’re best at. It’s all possible. It’s all available.

Darling, I just need you to see that the things that didn’t kill you; the moments that couldn’t take you out, were all arranged to make you stronger. And not just with mere strength, but great strength. Do you see that? Do you see yourself strong? Or have you allowed life and the people in it to cloud your vision of yourself. Have you simply looked at your bare hands as empty and not as a tool that is full of life?

Now is the time and the moment to truly value who you are. All of your beauty, wittiness, intellect, vigor, and charm, cannot be smeared away by the things that have happened (which for the most part weren’t always good). YOU have to preserve the best parts of you so that those worthy of it can see it and feel it. Your children depend on it. Your children’s children depend on it. Those who you’ll someday inspire to walk in greatness in spite of their rocky road will depend on it. YOU, my darling, depend on it.

So, as I look ahead and see the amazing things that await you, I write to you, letting you know that the old you (along with the old hurst, abuses, people, judgements, circumstances, rejections, hardships, obstacles, and MORE) are no where near as important as the NEW YOU that’s just waiting to shine through for all the world to see. Let it go. Let them go. Let the old you go.

And love yourself enough to say No to lesser so that you can finally say Yes to greater!


Your Present




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