Truth Be Told x 10.

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently. –Unknown


Truth be told, success is something that everyone strives for. It just all depends on what success looks like to you. For many, it could mean stability, family, and love. While for others, it could mean an education, great job, lots of money, and nice things! And for most, it might mean doing what you love & taking the road less traveled to do so. Whatever the case, there are some TRUTHS about your road to success.

For me, that’s blogging! And if you’re reading this, blogging may be your “thing” too OR something else that is exceptionally creative may be your thing. However, you should know that along your journey, you’ll stumble upon a lot of truths and not so truths.  I know I did. The funny thing is that many people believe that blogging is just a “hobby” and is a super easy thing to do in one’s spare time. But this is far from the truth. Yes, some people do blog as a hobby, but there are many who treat their blogs as a business. In addition, their blog is just as investable as any other business, requires just as much time/creativity, needs consumers (readers) to function and grow, has potential to make money (revenue), and anything else that a blog offers.

So, if you’re starting this thing called Blogging out for the first time (OR any entrepreneurial journey), just know that it will require a lot of work and time for growth, but it will happen. Personally, I’m not a big believer in a specific formula to your “blog’s success” or any “this is how you do it” article. Granted, I do believe that some of the articles out there are amazing and helpful in many ways, however, I am also a huge believer in the “trial + error” process.

So, here are a few of the things that I’ve learned on my journey least traveled:

   1. Never, ever, ever compare your blog (or craft) to someone else’s.

Yes, it is definitely great to admire another blogger’s website, but never turn that admiration into envy, so to speak. Keep focused on what it is that you want to accomplish and always let your blog reflect YOU!

     2. Don’t just create content (or a service) to please the masses. 

This is a common mistake that I’ve made in the past. It’s definitely great to look at your stats and see where your audience gravitate toward, however, it’s NOT OK to assume that you should blog about the same things as another blogger because they appear “successful” with their topic.

    3. It’s not always about the number of Followers.

This can be  bit of a challenge sometimes (especially if you’re basing your blog’s success or your own insecurity on how well you’re doing–on this factor). Understand that if you have a million followers and ONLY 20 people like/comment on your posts daily, then THAT’S BAD! I’ve learned that it’s all about engagement and about the actual people reading your posts that matters (you’re loyal followers).

   4. Getting your readers to engage is darn hard.

I won’t lie. I thought that getting people to engage was super easy but it’s NOT! It will require that you TRY & TRY AGAIN! You have to remain consistent and keep asking questions, throwing out interesting content, and engage with others (leading me to my 5th point).

   5. ENGAGE on other people’s stuff too.

Yes, we all want everyone to see and love our work, but it must be reciprocated. Whether this is on social media, your blog website, or anything else. People support those who support them (for the most part, anyway. Haha!).

  6. It’s a GREAt idea to join Facebook groups that are all about what you blog about (be it Lifestyle, Food, Travel, beauty, etc.).

This is an amazing way to meet a lot of like-minded people, the chance to network, and learn from others that either have done what you’re doing before OR has a fresh perspective. Facebook groups have most certainly helped me.

  7. There WILL be days where you feel like giving up completely and it’s OK!

Unfortunately, your stats (or progress) won’t always reflect greatly. For some, this may not be the case, but realistically, you will have days that seem “low” and your content may not be as great of a hit as you’d hope. And maybe that day, turns into days (or hopefully not weeks/months), where it seems like you’re spinning your wheels and NOTHING is happening. But don’t give up! Always remember why you started and simply look at everything and see what you can improve (every small improvement counts).

  8. You won’t always know what you’re doing.

If you thought that this happens only when you first begin blogging (or anything for that matter), then you’re wrong! At least this wasn’t the case for me, anyway. Sometimes you’ll think that you have your content down-pack, however, as I mentioned before, you’re stats or followers may tell you otherwise. And this requires you to re-assess and sometimes leaves you feeling confused and not sure what to do. But trust yourself! You got this! You’ll figure it out along the way. You have to first believe in what you have before anyone else can. And while you may endure some rough moments along the way, it’s important that you keep being YOU. You’ll get it right eventually and they’ll notice.

  9. Don’t just blog (or do anything) for the money. Do it to make a difference.

Yes, for most people, the ultimate goal is to make money blogging (or doing anything you love for that matter), however, don’t make it your reason WHY. This should be something you’re doing because it reflects who you are, what you love to do, and is a way to make a difference (whether that means to encourage, uplift, inspire, create an easy way to cook/bake, DIY, or add to others in some way, etc.). Let what you do make a difference to those who read or watch.

 10. Lastly, just be faithful with what you have until more comes along.

As I’ve stated before, you’ll feel like much of your work is being expended and this may not always produce immediate results. Just keep going and be FAITHFUL in the process. If you only have 10 followers, be faithful with your small number so that you continue on that same “quality-focused” momentum when you have 5,000 followers. It’s all about being grateful, humble, and patient. You’ll get there. It does take time for success and greatness is never overnight (despite what others may tell you). So, don’t be discouraged if you’re not where you want to be. Always look back and realize that you aren’t where you were.







Xx♥, S. 



    1. Thanks so much for reading! Yes, I totally get it. I still get overwhelmed sometimes but I thought I’d share this because I know that it can definitely help others keep going in spite of! 😊


  1. Patience is definitely key in the blogging world! My blog is very new and while not getting many views can feel discouraging, it’s important to just keep working on/posting your content to the best of your ability.


  2. I always find trouble with trying to please the masses. Sometimes people want more personal posts, sometimes people don’t, but I don’t want my entire blog to be me whining about my unfortunate problems! It’s hard to please everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Natalie! Yes, it’s definitely hard to not fall into the craze of trying to please everyone. I struggle with this at times too. But I do believe that as long as you are yourself entirely, those who love what you offer will come to your blog and connect. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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