Simple + Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas for Her.

‘Tis the season of proclaiming one’s love for their Mother in any & every way possible! Whether it be through small, meaningful gestures, or a more grander approach; everything boils down to showing some love to all the M O M S of the world! Being a first time Mama, myself & going on only my 2nd year of being able to genuinely celebrate this great day as a Mom, I truly love the little things and moments. Of course, since my little guy isn’t big enough to personally do all the amazing stuff himself yet, I’ve gravitated toward loving the cute little things (coupled with my husband doing most of it), and it is super amazing in and of itself without all the extra big gestures.

Anyway, I’m sure this weekend will be spent by most of you, running around trying to pick the best greeting cards, scoop the biggest flower arrangements, and even making reservations to the fanciest restaurants for a nice meal. However, I created this post to shine light on the more simpler, yet meaningful ways to say, “Mom, you’re the greatest”! Anything from making the sweetest little breakfast in bed for that special woman in your life to throwing an entire party to say “You mean the world to me”; you’ll find it all in this post.

Happy reading!

Here are great simple Ideas (and one large one) for saying, “I Love You Mom” on Mother’s Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed.

I know that as a new mom to a little toddler, the best thing that I could receive is breakfast in bed. When your days are spent working, nurturing a little human, playing hide-and-seek (or any other favorite play games), taking care of household duties, and doing everything else; the last thing you may want to do is add another task to your plate by having to get all dressed up to go out to eat breakfast at some restaurant. Haha! But not only does breakfast in bed keep that tired Mama happy physically, it also melts her heart to see a well-made & handcrafted meal (decorated with that extra fruit or thing that she loves–because it’s “Her” day) placed at her bedside and exuded with much love while she has the bliss of peacefully eating away!

2.  Flowers + a handmade Card.

I don’t know about you Mamas, but nothing makes my heart smile more than a beautifully handmade card from my little guy (the above photo was the one I received last year). It’s so touching and thoughtful than a standard greeting card that you can so easily purchase. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with going down the route of purchasing a greeting card from the store (especially if you aren’t necessarily gifted in the art department), but I think that most Moms with a little child can truly enjoy these little personally intentional moments for sure. Oh and let’s not forget flowers! Who doesn’t love a nice bouquet of flowers, right?

3. Her favorite Sweet Treat.

Ok, so maybe this Mama isn’t particularly a fan of breakfast and all things big when it comes to a meal. So why not make her a batch of her favorite sweet treats? If it’s cookies, muffins, cake, pie, whatever, you can just simply whip it up in a matter of moments (ahead of time of course) and make her a nice cup of tea or coffee and still give her something subtle and sweet while she relaxes. However, if her favorite sweet treat involves something that is beyond your baking abilities, then I’d suggest stoping by your favorite bakery or dessert specialty store and grabbing it from there! And maybe a nice card and flowers while you’re at it! Haha! All in all, it’s the though that counts!

4. Purchase Edible Cards.


Then there is the option of edible cards. When I came across these online, I instantly fell in love. Because I am such a foodie at heart, of course you know that I would love to receive words that express appreciation and love, which can then be eaten afterwards! Haha! This gift for Mom would definitely make it directly to her heart (internally speaking both ways). Haha!

5.  Throw Her a Great Party or Get-Together. (The big Idea!)

Which Mama doesn’t love a nice little party, filled with family & friends, celebrating Her? For those of you who would love to show your love towards that special woman in your life in a grand way, then I think this tops the cake! Put a splash of color and tons of Her favorite flowers, plus sweet treats/food, and you have a beautiful Springtime day of celebration just for Her. Granted, this may be the most costly, but when it comes to any woman’s love that has been passed down as a Mother, does money really matter?

6. Send Her Flowers in the form of Fruit.

For some Moms, the typical flowers aren’t the best gesture (or most creative) in their opinion. Therefore you can send her flowers that are edible—Edible Arrangements! This is definitely something that you should do in advance (at least a few days) or else you’ll end up paying a hefty price for same-day delivery (if even available since this is a MAJOR holiday!). However, you’ll be sure to satisfy Her with a nice big (or small if preferred) arrangement of flowers that she can enjoy as breakfast, a snack, or atop her favorite food! Who wouldn’t love fresh fruit? Plus, you can add extras like chocolate-covered Strawberries, balloons, teddy bears, and more!

Overall, Mothers Day is a day set aside for that special Lady in your life. However, personally, Mother’s Day should be everyday! So, whether you decide to opt for the most cost-efficient way to show your love or you choose to go for the most priciest option, the most important thing is that she feels LOVED. Motherhood is definitely one of the greatest gifts afforded to any woman (whether a mother through birthing or one through caring for others). To all the Mothers reading this post, I completely salute you for your consistency in love, dedication and sacrifice! You women are the real MVPs! 

Happy Mother’s Day when it arrives, Ladies!♥




Xx♥, S.




    1. Thanks so much! Yes I so can’t wait for those days! I could only imagine how much your heart melted when your oldest did her school craft! Happy Parenting to you also + Happy Mother’s day! 🙂


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