5 Reasons why Joggers are a Lifesaver for any Mama!


The fashion world is ever-changing. With each new season lies a new fashion trend that aims to remain a definite show stopper. Sometimes those trends date back to years before, tied with a new unique out of this world flare. Other times, those trends date forward and showcase a much more modern flare that leaves you feeling like you’ve just walked out of a spaceship in 2050 or something. Either way, fashion has remained fashionable. But great fashion can stem from any angle; it’s just all about the way you wear that thing! For me, one of those “Timeless” piece of clothing for any typical Mama is a jogger. I mean, what a LIFESAVER! They are comfy, easy to find/wear, even much easier for our little ones to get into, and did I say that they are COMFY? Haha! What more do us (Mamas) need besides comfort at this point? With all the craze of managing a household, caring for our little human(s), mastering other ventures, and taking time for ourselves, the last thing that we need is another outfit that requires the little bit of energy we selfishly (with good cause) try to tuck away, just in case something else comes up.

5 Reasons why Joggers are a Lifesaver for any Mama! PERIOD!

1. They are super comfortable.


Ok, so let’s not pretend that these Joggers don’t look super comfy, right? Who wouldn’t love to walk around in this level of comfort all day, especially when you have to run out of bed and straight into your little one’s room or kitchen, wee hours of the morning and possibly on only 4 hours of sleep? A quick freshen up, grab of your favorite breakfast or coffee, and simply pull on these pants and top and you’re good to go for the day’s work ahead! Joggers are super light (well, at least most of them anyway), soft (depending on the material), and easy to keep unwrinkled (so there’s no extra time spent on having to iron and being later than you probably already are). A winner in my opinion!


2. They can be thrown together with a nice blazer + make you still look Professional.


 No longer are Joggers seen as just a lazy approach to dressing. You can now dress them up or down, depending on how you’re feeling in the moment or the occasion. On those days when you feel like revving up your look by wearing a bit of make-up and being a bit more Professional, simply add a few accessories (jewelry, heels, stylish shoe, etc.) along with your jogger and that will do the trick! Fierce working Mama, indeed!

3. They work perfectly with a cup of Coffee + Errands!


One thing that has happened since the whole game of joggers has changed is that there are SO MANY to choose from! They come in so many shapes, colors, textures, and patterns, that you no longer have to worry about the next person wearing the same exact outfit as you, even on a quick run out the door to start those errand runs! Could you imagine sitting in your local coffee shop or the common area in the store or Doctor’s office and seeing another woman wearing the exact same outfit as you? While it would be a tiny bit flattering to know that you weren’t the only one with such great style (for like a good minute or two), how annoying would it be also? Well, in the world of plenty of joggers, there’s no need to worry about this too much. So grab that cup of coffee and get to running Mama!

4. They are so Fashion Forward + easy to Spruce up!



Did I mention just how much joggers have changed since we first graced their presence in the world of fashion? No longer are the days where joggers or sweatpants are considered boring anymore! Now, you can find cutouts, frills, lace added, designs, patterns, and a whole array of other things that make joggers so CHIC, making an Mama look great!

5. They are perfect for our not so easy to dress little ones, which makes them perfect for us!


We all have had to begin our day, most likely tired or more so exhausted from staying up with leftover to-dos or a very energetic little one. But have you ever had to add a difficult dress day to that equation? What a bad mix might I add! If this has happened to you, then you’ll know that there’s nothing better than throwing on a nice jogger on both yourself and your little one, with less fuss and tantrums involved. No need to worry about whether it gets ruined by the rain or even whether it’s warm enough for the cold. We all know that any jogger along with a good sneaker, rain boot, or pair of Uggs, works well on not so sunny days and days when your little one is just need in the mood.



Xx♥, S.



  1. Big fan of anything comfy and cute! Joggers definitely win at both categories! Also love my flowy shorts, rompers, and sweatpants, haha 🙂

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