About Orchids + Sweet Tea



ORCHIDS + SWEET TEA derives from my absolute LOVE for ORCHIDS and SWEET TEA. Haha! Metaphorically speaking, this blog is all about Interior Decor, Food, and a little bit of Inspiration through light conversation + Quotes. Home is definitely where MY HEART is and that’s what you’ll find here on my blog.



Hi again Ya’ll! My name is Shanika! It’s a pleasure to meet you! I am a Mama to a beautiful little boy And oh boy, is he the sweetest & most demanding little guy EVER! He truly melts my heart and freezes it at the same time (Haha! The struggles of Motherhood!). Seriously, I wouldn’t trade this journey of Motherhood for the world! Yes, it is hard at times, but to watch this little human grow, develop, love, engage, & everything else- is absolutely amazing! I’m also a wife to my High School Sweetheart! Yes, I know, I’m so lucky to have met my better half in High School, but it most certainly has been a journey! Going on 11 years together has created a plethora of ups and downs and some really amazing moments! Regardless, I am so happy to have found my best friend, who is also my partner, lover, confidant, & father of my child. Last but not least, I’m a Stay-At-Home Mama, Work-From-Home Mama (Birchbox, Inc.), who is truly diving into this thing called Life and aiming to accomplish all of her dreams one at a time-day by day. So there you have it! I’m just like you, living Life on my own terms-in the best way possible! 


I was born and raised in Florida (Hence my love for Sweet Tea–Southern Girl at heart much, right?), Below you’ll see my greatest hero in Life, My Grandpa, who has shaped my view of this world + the people in it. His love + absolute genuineness is what keeps me inspired on days that I felt like throwing in the towel. This guy raised me. And although he is no longer here on this earth, his memory still lives on. #GrandpasGirl


I’m a writer at heart. I LOVE to cook and bake. I’m a believer of living a Healthy Lifestyle (work-outs, yoga, & eating RIGHT).  I love Starbucks (That’s my glass of wine on days when I need something to relax my brain, Haha!). And I also love to eat (Haha!). I just LOVE DIY projects. And yes, I am also a part of the whole “Natural Hair movement”! I have a passion for Interior Design. And of course, I do love to shop (But which woman doesn’t??).




Furthermore, my inspiration for my blog stems from my fondness of Orchids. In case you weren’t aware, Orchids represent love, strength, luxury, beauty, and grace. And sometimes in life we become so ingrained in day to day living that we forget that we were built to succeed and stand in our own individual beauties (inside + out). Therefore, I wanted this blog to be a conversation between you + I about this thing called LIFE (which we are all currently here on Earth trying to figure out + live to the best of our ability) through little pieces of inspirational quotes, Interior Design things, + of course, Great Recipes.

So to conclude ⇒ In the south, they say that no conversation is worth having without some good ole’ sweet tea AND don’t forget the extra ice + sugar, honey! But for now, grab yourself a jumbo glass (or in my case, a Trenta-sized Iced Black Tea Lemonade from Starbucks) and let’s talk…..


Xx♥, S. 


Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted. If one of the photos on my blog is yours and you want it down, please message me. If you’d like to use one of my photos, please credit my blog. Thanks! 🙂




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